Heavy Equipment & Machinery

IBC can provide options to help replace aging and outdated equipment, or help finance new equipment to keep up with growing opportunities.

Heavy Equipment & Machinery

Having the right equipment can mean the difference between bidding on the contract and winning the contract. Whether it's time to upgrade equipment to complete the next job or simply to avoid costly maintenance and repairs on older equipment, IBC provides financing solutions to keep the jobsite moving.

Heavy Duty and Commercial Truck

Reliable and efficient equipment is key to your transportation business, whether you are an owner/operator or a commercial fleet. Maximum road time and minimum downtime can drastically improve your profitability. IBC can help though financing for a more reliable or functional rig, or to help your fleet expand to meet your growing customer base.

A note on equipment financing

Depending on the nature of the equipment you are financing, an appraisal may be required. This can be an additional advantage as it allows you a clear understanding of the market value for the equipment you wish to finance. For more information on financing and the application process, please click here.