IBC Board and Structure

We believe access to capital for First Nations peoples provides opportunities for success and development.

IBC Board of Directors

The Board of IBC consists of a minimum of 5 directors. There must be one member from each of the Treaties 6,7 and 8, as well as 2 "expert" directors and one president.

  • Jack Royal - Chairman
  • Wendy Blackman
  • David Markham - Alta Gas
  • Aldoph Kappo
  • Rob Gibb - Repsol

Organization Structure and Staffing

There are currently 4 staff members. There is a General Manager, a Loan Administrator and 2 Loans Officers representing offices in Standoff, and Calgary. The entire staff has long term experience in the financial services sector and is well abreast in First Nations' needs.

Income Generation

IBC's income has come from 3 sources:

  • Loan Interest
  • Consulting
  • Fee Income